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EMG - Your Partner for High Quality Scooter / Mobility Solutions

EMG is one of the leading group of high quality Scooter / Mobility solutions in Germany and Central Europe. Choose between individual range of innovative EMG products.

  • EMG Compact Scooters
  • EMG 6 km/h Scooters
  • EMG 12+15 km/h Scooters with German TÜV
  • EMG High End scooters with German TÜV + German High End Technology

EMG Scooter Program (German)            EMG Mobility Program (German)


All Scooters / Mobility Solutions are directly available from EMG Logistic Center / Germany. EMG supports you further with more than 5,000 spare parts components. Whatever you need, we will support you within short period of time. The correct product at correct time and place - EMG guarantees you an European Service. Do not settle for less. More than 350 Scooter dealers arround Europe trust in our services.

It is our aim to provide our customers with the quality of service and support that is amongst the best within the Scooter industry. Please notice: International support and deliveries by EMG only possible for registrated dealers!

Our Hotline Team support you 24h - 365 days a year.

International Dealers are welcome.

We want to expand our EU distribution even further and therefore we are looking for mobility and battery dealers in:

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Czechia, Poland, Norway and Spain

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