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EMG - Your European Partner for AGM + High Quality Battery Solutions

... more than 10,000 units are available within 24h ex works


EMG is one of the leading group of high quality Scooter and Battery solutions in Germany and Central Europe. EMG offers a comprehensive and innovative range of products. We are proud of high standards of both our products and continually strive to improve all aspects of our performance.

At EMG you have a quality choice among individual high quality battery types of leading quality manufacturers like:

  • MK Battery / East Penn
  • Move

Whatever your application requires - EMG offers you an individual high quality battery product for your mobility business.

EMG BATTERY PROGRAM / Applications: Mobility Scooters, Medical Equipment, Electrical Vehicles, Floor Scrubber, Cleaning Machines, Platform Lifts, Industrial Equipment,  Traffic / Solar Systems, Marine and Golf.


The following battery types from 2.3 Amp up to 105 Ah are directly available from EMG Logistic Center / Germany within 24h: 

AGM Types (C20)

12V /   2,3 Ah, MK Battery, ES 2,3-12
12V /     3 Ah, MK Battery, ES 3-12
12V /     5 Ah, MK Battery, ES 5-12
12V /     7 Ah, MK Battery, ES 7-12
12V /   10 Ah, MK Battery, ES 10-12S
12V /   12 Ah, MK Battery, ES 12-12
12V /   18 Ah, MK Battery, ES 17-12
12V /   34 Ah, MK Battery, MU1SLDA
12V /   45 Ah, MK Battery, M45-12SLDM
12V /   50 Ah, MK Battery, M50-12SLDM
12V /   79 Ah, MK Battery, M24SLDA FT
12V /   84 Ah, Move, MPA 85-12
12V / 105 Ah, Move, MPA 105-12

GEL Types (C20)

12V / 31,2 Ah, MK Battery, MU1SLDG
12V / 38 Ah, Move, MPG 38-12
12V / 40 Ah, MK Battery, M4012SLDG
12V / 50 Ah, MK Battery, M22NFSLDG
12V / 60 Ah, MK Battery, M34SLDG
12V / 60 Ah, Move, MPG 60-12
12V / 73 Ah, MK Battery, M24SLDGFT
12V / 78 Ah, Move, MPG 78-12
12V / 97,6 Ah, MK Battery, E31SLDGST
12V / 98 Ah, Move, MP 98-12


EMG AGM Battery Program, 2,3 - 18 Ah / C20 (German)
EMG AGM Battery Program, 34 - 105 Ah / C20 (German)    
EMG GEL Battery Program, 31 - 98 Ah / C20 (German)

Choose between individual range of AGM + High End Gel batteries. Whatever you need, EMG supports within short period of time. The correct product at correct time at correct place - EMG guarantees you an European individual service of your requirement.

Further we over a XL AGM Program - Deep Cycle!

The XL AGM batteries in our program are deep-cycle sealed lead/tin batteries which provide a high energy density for applications like Electrical Vehicles, Floor Scrubber, Cleaning Machines, Platform Lifts and Industrial Equipment. Superior technology with high performance, quick recharge and long service life. Available in 6, 8 and 12V with avariety of capacities.

Available XL AGM Types - Deep Cycle (C20)

12V / 140 Ah, Move, MPA 140-12 XL
12V / 160 Ah, Move, MPA 160-12 XL
12V / 185 Ah, Move, MPA 185-12 XL
12V / 240 Ah, Move, MPA 240-12 XL
12V / 250 Ah, Move, MPA 250-12 XL
12V / 330 Ah, Move, MPA 330-12 XL

6V / 200 Ah, Move, MPA 200-6 XL
6V / 220 Ah, Move, MPA 220-6 XL
6V / 245 Ah, Move, MPA 245-6 XL
6V / 330 Ah, Move, MPA 330-6 XL
6V / 400 Ah, Move, MPA 400-6 XL

8V / 180 Ah, Move, Artikel MPA 165-8 XL


EMG XL AGM Battery Program, 110 bis 400 Ah / C20 (German) 

Please notice: International support and deliveries by EMG only possible for registrated dealers!

Our Hotline Team support you 24h - 365 days a year.

International Dealers are welcome.


We want to expand our EU distribution even further and therefore we are looking for mobility and battery dealers in:

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Czechia, Poland, Norway and Spain
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